Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur

digital marketing course in jaipur

Today internet has become the main source for solving our day to day problems. People prefer to search whatever they need to acquire online. This has increased the demand of online marketers (people who leverage the sales of a service or product through digital channels). A Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur is what you’ll need to take the role of a digital marketer. 

What is in this Digital Marketing Course ?

The Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur offers you a full excess to all the tactics implemented for creating a strong online presence. The course curriculum includes – 

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)   It is the process of increasing the ranking of a website on the search engines through editorial (free) links and website optimization. Creating an easily crawlable site and crafting content that encourages people to talk about or link to your site is the first and foremost step in SEO.  

2. Content MarketingToday on an average an Indian spends more than 3 hours consuming online content on a daily basis. It makes producing authentic content the best form of self-advertising. Content marketing is the process of publishing and promoting content that solves user’s queries and at the same time helps the site gain authority. 

3. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) – The paid promotion of a website through Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, YouTube advertising, etc. comes under PPC. You have to pay for each click a user makes in this form of online advertising.  

4. Email Marketing It is the process of sending the prospects latest offers, new products, loyalty programs registration form, etc through emails. An email marketing campaign takes into account the people who really want to connect with your site. 

5. Online PR Like the conventional PR marketing you have to outreach to media professional such as bloggers, columnists, editors, etc. to share your brand’s story. It can also be paid. Examples – Sponsered posts on a news blog.

6. Inbound Marketing It is the process of utilizing the above four strategies to target the people who are your real customers and convert them into a lead. It is planning the entire buyer’s journey from the point they land your site for the first time to turning them into a buyer, subscriber or whatever you want. The Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur highly focus on improving the inbound marketing skills of the students. 

Who should attend this Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur ?

Computer graduates, small business owners, professionals who promote their services online and people who want to earn comfortably from home should join our Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur.

The entrepreneurs who want to take their business online(if you haven’t) or create a new digital asset to boost their sales must join the course.   

You will be able to complete our Digital Marketing Course in a period of 45 days to three months depending on your learning powers. 

What do you require Online Marketing Course ? 

You must have good communication skills in English, computer experience and ability to adapt to the changing search engine trends. No technical IT skills are required to complete our Online Marketing Course in Jaipur. 

Why should you choose this course? 

Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur is designed to teach you two major tactics – 

  • How to increase brand awareness 
  • How to generate leads 

Are you looking for job opportunities in the digital marketing sector? This course is suitable for you. The students get the chance to work with a real client. They will create own projects and analyze the outcomes of their work. 

We have a small batch size which allows one-on-one interaction with the teachers. 

Career path/job opportunities 

After completion of this Digital Marketing Course in Jaipurr, you can take the following roles in an IT firm- 

  • SEO Executive
  • SEO Manager
  • Content Marketing Specialist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Social Media Analyst 

About the tutor

Our digital marketing experts have worked with 100+ organizations. They helped a number of brands in successfully reaching their digital marketing goals. 

Now these former digital marketers share their expertise here to hone the online marketing skills of our students. You will learn everything from gaining traffic to strategizing the digital media content with them.  Call now and Join best Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur with free demo.