Digital Marketing Training in Jaipur

Digital Marketing Training in JaipurDigital marketing is defined as the marketing of products and services through electronic media. Traditionally it included radio, television and display advertising but after internet got popular the term became limited to promoting business online. Our Digital Marketing Training in Jaipur Programme is designed to transform you into a complete online marketer. In today’s crowded online market having a site isn’t sufficient to win the game; you become an authority in your industry. We introduce you to different online marketing techniques necessary to leverage a presence online.     

What is in the course ?

The Digital Marketing Training in Jaipur will help you understand the following disciplines – 

  1. SEO – SEO (Search engine optimization) is the process of optimizing your website for a higher position in search engines through on-page and off-pages activities. It includes the changes you make in the website’s code and creating editorial links to increase organic reach. 

     In the SEO session of our Digital Marketing Training in Jaipur you will learn – 

  • Link Building 
  • SEO Metadata best practices(Meta title, Meta description, H1 tags, canonical tags, Image optimization)
  • Designing better landing pages
  • Recovering from Google algorithm updates
  1. SEM – Search engine marketing is the process of promoting your website’s visibility with free and paid tactics. Establishing online presence via free resources takes time contrary to paid ads (PPC) where you can feature on the first page instantly. In paid advertising you have to pay every time a visitor clicks on your ads. The listing you see on the top and right-hand side with a sponsored title or ad button comes under paid search. 

In our Digital Marketing Training Programme  you’ll learn to advertise on the search engine using a Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Yahoo display ads. 

  1. Email Marketing – Sending personalized emails is one of the simplest ways to reach prospects or ask to look into a service, product or a package. Neil Patel describes email marketing as a never dying digital marketing tactic. During the Digital Marketing Training in Jaipur you’ll learn how to effectively run and manage an email campaign that boosts your overall online marketing strategy.
  2. Digital Analytics – It is can next to impossible to measure your success if you don’t collect data and statistics to analyze the growth. Through Google analytics you can tractk the performance of your website on a daily basis. 
Where does your web traffic come from? 

How much increase or decrease happened in website’s traffic? 

What are the main issues in your website?  

How are the ads performing?

You can get answers to all these questions once you are well versed with the Google Analytics tools and add-ons.

  1. Social Media Marketing – Social media sites have become one of the strongest platforms to reach the target audience and create a brand. The digital marketing training will provide you with the skills to market a website on different social media channels by increasing the likes, shares and impressions on a post. You will learn to use free visual design tools like Canva, piktochart, etc. 
  1. Inbound Marketing – Attracting the visitors who will become a loyal customer, subscriber or buyer rather than chasing them. It involves indentifying the buyer’s persona and planning all the stage of a buyer’s journey. 
  2. Content Marketing – Using content as a bait to market your site on other platforms by crafting content that’s shareable and genuine. Content marketing is a vital part of the branding process. 

Who Should Attend This Digital Marketing Training Course?Digital Marketing Training in Jaipur

Digital Marketing Training in Jaipur Programme  most suited for computer science grads, entrepreneurs, marketing grads and students who want to become an online marketing professional.

 What do you require? 

You must have the basic computing skills, good command over English and the zeal to learn new concepts. Being a techie is not a necessity to complete a digital marketing training. You will have to develop the capability to updates yourself with the latest information on a regular basis.  

Why should you choose this course? 

Digital marketing training is crucial to establish yourself as a resourceful individual in an organization. It helps you in growing your business by reaching potential leads. You will become a star performer leaving internet mediocrities behind you through our step by step training

Career path/job opportunities

Becoming an established digital marketer in the coming year is what we aim for you in our digital marketing training. 

We offer a complete Digital Marketing Training in Jaipur to brush up your digital marketing skills. You can undertake the following roles after the completion of this training – 

  1. Analytics Manager.
  2. Digital Marketing Manager
  3. Content Writer 
  4. SEO Manager.
  5. E-commerce Manager
  6. PPC Account Manager

About the tutor

Our tutors have worked with the industry experts for more than 5+ years. Being an active marketer for 100+ organizations gave them the expertise to implement the digital marketing funnel in various niches. Let’s hook the digital world by joining Digital Marketing Training in Jaipur at best price.