Digital Marketing Trends in 2019


Five Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

Whether you are a brand or a entrepreneur without digital marketing it’s impossible to attract the attention of your prospects. By following the Digital Marketing Trends you can grow your business online. The digital marketing scene is disrupting every now and then. In no time strategies get outdated or replaced by a better version of previous one. To get the optimal benefits of your Internet marketing efforts, you must invest your time in the right channel and tactic. 

Here is a list of five Digital Marketing Trends which will shake the online world in 2019   

1. Facebook Marketing 

Though the data breach in 2018 significantly dropped the number of young Facebook Social Media users, it has remained strong among the older audience. The site is going strong will soon gain the lost trust of young users. Facebook is still the third most popular website and a powerful marketing tool. 

2. Video Marketing 

Video aren’t just for your YouTube channel. There are other platform too where people browse for the content most prominent include Facebook and Instagram. You can convert the video into Vblogs, free online course, audio books, etc. Videos are the most widely form of content consumed over the Internet. More than 70 % of the YouTubers gain their leads through the channel. 

3. Live Videos 

Going live is the best way to share an intimate connection with the prospects. If you are a business or organization, a live video can help people to learn about your business. You can introduce your staff, show some behind-the-scenes of a unfinished product or simply describe your passion for what you do. People are willing to buy when they feel you genuinely care about your business. 

If you are a professional you can broadcast a learning session for the viewer. Announce the topic in advance and ask them to post their queries in the comment session. 

Try addresses the important questions of your viewers, love will be showered upon you for solving their problems. No matter how expert you are study the topic you will cover well in advance. Another approach to mastering video marketing is collaborating with influencer on your channel. You can invite someone who work on the genera and host a video together.

4. Chat Bots 

The artificial intelligence are smart enough to handle simple conversations in a human-like manner. The bots can introduce the customers with your services, solve general queries and guide them throughout the buying produce. Though they aren’t perfect to handle complex long conversations but are an effective of having a 24-hour custom service on your site. It is estimates that by 2022 Chatbot will save $8 billion per year for businesses. The organization running on a larger scale are embracing this trend while the mid-size and small-size businesses are yet to adopt it. 

5.  Smart Speakers And Audio

There is no doubt that voice search is going big. With smart speakers like Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri voice search has become the major medium to find product and services on Internet. Apart from the smart speakers people have starting use voice search on their mobile devices for more than 40 % of their local searches. 

Most often a voice search results include only one or a few 

Thus, you can’t overlook the voice searches anymore. Write Meta descriptions that sound human-like. Build a FAQ section on your website that answer all the common voice searches. 

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