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What are Google Updates 2019 ?

Every Years Google makes so many changes in algorithm. Most of the Google Updates usually minor that doesn’t so much effects on search engine results. But sometimes google rolled out important and major algorithm changes like : Panda, Penguin etc. These types of updates directly affects the search engine result, which impacts on rankings of listing. Recently google produce Google SEO Update 2019 that makes significant changes in search engine result. In our Advanced Digital Marketing Course you will learn about how to rank top with Google SEO Updates in 2019.

Here are some major Google Updates which had biggest impact on search engine result. 

Google Updates Caffeine (2010) 

Google rolled out new update that is called caffeine in 2010. It is being used to improve the search engine results faster. In this Google SEO Updates google made changes to produce better results and faster. In Caffeine Algorithm search engine works on “Interconnectivity” Instead of “Layers”. Google rolled out this update to produce fresh contents and faster results.

Exact Match Domain EMD (2012)

In the past scenario Exact Match Domain websites presents in top search engine results. It made so mush difficult  to present better results. So finally Google Update announced in 2012 which remove the priority to present on search engine.

Google Updates Hummingbird (2013)

Google announced the new algorithm to make search engine much smarter, which was related to “Suggestions” and “Corrections”. It was totally related to structure of the websites. It was used to sort through all the information it has when you search and come back with answers.

“It was rolled out for the faster and accurate results. In this updates it was focused upon drive leads users directly individual pages of website rather than homepage of Websites.”

Panda Updates (2015)

 Google Rolled out New Update in 2015 regarding to contents quality & Website structure to improve the Search results. It dropped out the websites out of rank with Bad Quality contents and Bad structure. Some major impacts happened as follows :

  • Low Quality Contents
  • Copied contents 
  • Thin contents 
  • Above the Fold Content 
  • Duplicate Contents 
  • Bad Structure Website

Google Updates Penguin 2016

In Penguin Updates google made some important changes in algorithm to produce fresh contents with the relevancy. It totally changed the search engine results by producing fresh, accurate and relevant result to the user. These changes had a great impact on search engine results. It changed the theory of backlinks, contents, anchor text. Google Updates Penguin was announced for improve quality backlinks. 

  • Unnatural Backlinks
  • Paid Backlinks
  • Keywords Stuffing
  • Bad Anchor Text
  • Irrelevant Backlinks 

Fred Google Update (March 2017)

Google Made changes in Search Algorithm called “Fred”, which widespread impacts across the SEO community. It was regarding Contents that present on search engine result.

Snippet Length Drop (May 2018)

In 2018 Google rolled out with major changes in search results. Snippet length was reduced from 300 to 160 character. After testing longer display snippets of up to 300+ characters for a few months, Google rolled back most snippets to the former limit (about 150-160 characters).

Medic Core Algorithm (August 2018)

In earlier 2018 August, Google confirmed new update called “Broad Core Algorithm Update”. This update had a massive impact widely. Core Google Updates made major impacts on Health & Wealth Sites. After confirming this Update Many Websites related to Health & Wellness lost their traffic. 

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