Know About Common Website Errors


What is the meaning of Website Error

Website Error

It’s very easy to visit any website through google or any other search engine. By just typing the name or url address of the website, we can go on that particular site. On another way through any browser like : Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. By clicking on the website link on browser or bookmark we can visit the site. but sometimes there are some Common Website Errors we see on that. generally we can’t control over that errors, but some them can be troubleshoot. Here we will tell you about some Common Website Errors and the required solution for them.

Website Error 504

This gateway is used for timeout, means website taking too much time to connect with server. When website request can’t communicate with the server that time. In this situation we can’t reach on that particular web page until administrator doesn’t resolve that issues. So basically it is related to server response time.

Website Error 401

This type of error is related to the authentication for login in that page. When we see error 401 it means authentication will be needed to open that page. By login in that particular page, this kind of error will be removed.

Website Error 403

You will get this kind of alert when your are requesting right page but server no allowed you for visit that page. This kind of error means that unfortunately you made a mistake so you have ti contact admin for that.

Website Error 404

In this type of error means that you are trying to open broken links or typing wrong URL address. So when you see error 404 then check the url address or search on google for right page.

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