SEO Training in Jaipur

SEO Training in Jaipur

SEO Training in Jaipur offered by Clarustechis not only about the optimisation of your website or rank. It is the   growing service based company as well as digital marketing institute. Learn from basic to advanced strategies which will add on your expertise. Building authority of your site in the eyes of search engines takes a lot on work. With SEO you can increase your website’s visibility in the organic search engine rank result pages. Enrolling yourself in SEO Training in Jaipur can help you become a better online marketer. 

You can optimize your website so that it is easy for the search engines to find and index your website. SEO best practice help you to rank better by considering Panda, Penguin, Humming Bird, and all other Google algorithm updates. 

What is in the SEO Training in Jaipur ?

During the SEO Training in Jaipur you will learn all the on-page and off-pages activities.the course includes – 

  • Tools to monitor and control your website through Google Search Console, Webmaster and Google Analytics
  • Keyword Research – Using Google keyword planner tool (along with search volumes, Competition, Business priority) and other popular keyword research tools. 
  • Competitor Analysis – Outranking your competitors studying analyzing their data and creating a strategy to beat them 
  • Creating SEO Optimized Content 
  • SEO Friendly Website Design & Architecture
  • On-Page SEO – You will be introduced to basic HTML coding to help you optimize the URLs, Meta Tags, Titles, H1, Images of your web pages.
  • Technical Optimization – This is done to assist the search engines to crawl your site. It consist of adding XML & HTML Sitemaps, Robots.txt to pages  you don’t  want the bots to index, achor text, Internal linking, etc. 
  • Link-Building – Obtaining external links (also called back links) from other authentic websites.
  • SEO Site Audit – Full analysis of an entire website to identify the adjustments you have to make for optimizing the site for search engine. 
  • Local SEO – Targeting a website for a specific location, usually preferred by business restricted to a town, city or state. 
  • Mobile SEO – SEO Strategies used to promote a website on mobile devices 
  • Find, fix and avoid Google Penalties – If you don’t adhere to the Google webmaster guideline your competitor might outrank you. The search engine has the authority to shut you web pages or entire site if your site doesn’t follow the quality guidelines. You can overcome the hit of the updates with our SEO Training Course in Jaipur. 

Who should attend SEO Training Program in Jaipur ?

Want to be an online marketer, freelancer or a SEO professional? This is the right online marketing course for you. After you complete the SEO Training Course in Jaipur you can become an SEO analyst, SEO expert. Bloggers and small business owners aspiring to sell online, entrepreneurs and anyone who is looking for a great job opportunity 

What do you require? 

You must have a basic understanding of English and the ability to surf the internet. People who lack computer skills can’t learn this course. Computer graduates, engineers and marketing students are most suitable for this training. But anyone who is willing to understand the online market and has the zest to learn about search engine can ace this SEO Training in Jaipur. 

Why should you choose this SEO Training Course? 

Want to be an SEO consultant? Do you think that search engine is marketing is the best career option for you? The people who aspire to promote websites on internet are the perfect students for this course. 

 Career path/job opportunities 

Seo is one of the best internet marketing practices. After completion of SEO training you can become a – 

  1. Link Builder (Off-page experts, it’s an entry level job)
  2. SEO specialist 
  3. SEO content strategist 
  4. PPC experts( Running paid ads on search engines)
About the tutor

Our tutor is an SEO expert who has ranked more than 100+ website at the number one position for competitive search queries. He believes in creating a SEO plan before the designing of a website is finished. With him you can monitor the SEO of your website the most efficient manner. 

Don’t hold back your website from show up on the first page, enroll in our SEO Training in Jaipur Course today!