Social Media Course

Social Media Course in Jaipur

Today the IT sector has become a phenomenal force in generating new jobs. Digital Marketing is no longer new; it has become omnipresent as traditional marketing. Do you want to be a social media manager? Taking a Social Media Course in Jaipur is one of the simplest ways of market yourself as a brand online. Whether you are an organization, individual or a company your presence on social media matters.  Today the customers check a person’s or brand’s social media accounts to assess the quality of their deliverable. Our Online Marketing Course is designed to transform you from a novice to a proficient social media professional.   

What is in the Social Media Course in Jaipur ?

Our curriculum opens the gates of opportunity for creative learners. The students will be taught how to maintain a good brand image and increase sales at the same time. The specialties of our Social Media Course in Jaipur are the live projects. Even before you pass the certification test you work on a client-side website. This means you will practically implement every strategy you study in the class. 

You will get – 

A.    Assignment to test the concepts. 

B.    One-to-one Classes. 

C.    Feedback on every task. 

D.    Support from industry experts.

Why should you choose this Social Media Course in Jaipur ? 

Social Media Course will introduce the learners to marketing for twitter, youtube, Linkedin, Instagram, Google+ and other popular networking sites. 

You can handle the following responsibilities after the completion of this course – 

1.    Manage business accounts on all the social media platforms. 

2.    Implement the best practices. 

3.    Quickly build a stable follower base targeting the right audience.

4.    Create a consistent and authentic brand voice. 

5.    Create a strategy that combines all the channels. 

6.    Keep a record of the daily visitors and analyze the metrics to boosts the results.  

Course Outcomes

Once you complete this Social Media Course you can – 

1.    Set, maintain and analyze a social media campaign on various platforms. 

2.     Measure and boost the RIO (return on investment) of a campaign.

3.    Understand the privacy laws and data breaches. 

4.    Reach the prospects and turn them into leads. 

Who should attend this Social Media Course ? 

Engineering students, MBA graduates, computer graduates and people who want to earn through the various social media channels like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram. 

Tutor Description

Our tutors have worked as social media managers and analyst on more than 100+ projects. Their long experience has made them industry experts. They will help you –  

1.    Create a robust social media plan. 

2.    Manage social media presence. 

3.    Run paid campaign on Google +, Facebook, Twitter Ads, etc. 

4.    Track engagement through likes, click and share.

What do you require? 

A sound understanding of English, basic computer skills and ability to proficient internet research are the minimum requirements. The graduates who studied computers as subjects are most suited for our social media courses.  

Career path/job opportunities 

On successful completion of this Social Media Course in Jaipur, you can take the responsibilities of the social media manager, strategist or specialist respectively. You might land a job in an internet marketing firm or social media agency as per your skill set. You can also work on your own site or freelance projects.