Soft Skills TrainingSoft Skills Training

Every organization prefers to test the knowledge and expertise of any person before hiring. These days the along with the work skills (hard skills) the companies also demand the employee to have the soft skills. If you lack the enthusiasm to honed interpersonal intelligence on your own taking Soft Skills Training is a good alternative. 

Most of the interviewees selected during the recruitment process are capable of handling work but not all of them have leadership skills. Working as a dedicated employee required you to be productive without disturbing the environment of the workplace. 

About the course 

With this Soft Skills Training (in Jaipur) you will be groomed to fit into workplace. It includes – 

  • Personality Development
  • Emotional intelligence 
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Corporate skills
  • Business etiquette

What is in the Soft Skills Training course?

Today every company is in search of an employee who is a born leader. Leaders understand the problem, dig out the solution and take an action when necessary.  Leadership skills take time to build. With time and experience you gain those bigger roles which need strong communication and management skills. What if you are well equipped with Soft Skills in the beginning of your corporate journey? It opens the doors to more opportunities and growth.  

Your seniors will hold you accountable to larger responsibilities seeing you have the interest and dexterity to do it. 

Here is what you during our training session – 

  1. Using Empathy in Workplace  
  2. Problem Solving
  3. Presentation Skills
  4. Time Management
  5. Leadership & Management
  6. Communication Skills

Who should attend this course?

Soft Skills Training is appropriate for fresher, final year students and working professionals who experience difficultly in interacting in the workplace. All companies have a code of conduct but it doesn’t mentions which topics you shouldn’t discuss with the co-workers. If you are not aware of the business and work ethics one work action is enough to blow up your career. Soft skill training saves you from stumbling in the workplace.

What do you require in Soft Skills Training ? 

Soft skill training can be taken by anyone who is a graduate. It shapes you as a more efficient employee who empathies with others, undertake challenges, create plans, accomplish goals and never loses the faith in oneself and the team. A person with these skills will definitely succeed in every endeavor. 

Why should you choose this course? 

Do you hesitate to give your opinion to the co-workers? Or does the thought of giving a presentation in front of the entire team give you a shiver? To take the lead to need to develop as a true professional who can take the right decisions at the right time. Soft Skills Training is important for people who want to become public speakers, team leaders, managers, customer relationship officers, etc. 

Career path/job opportunities 

A strong business ethic and positive attitude can take easily take you ahead of the other colleagues. After this course you will have a robust strategy to survive in the corporate sector with a deep understanding of the workplace psychology. Thus you can handle work pressure, delegate tasks when needed and maintain a healthy relationship with the co-workers without getting stressed. 

About the tutor

The tutor has worked with a number of firms to help employee in polishing their personal and professional skills. In the beginning of career a newbie can make a number of mistakes which hampers their growth. Under the able-guidance of our soft skill expert you can mold your personality to match your workplace environment. Attaining emotional intelligence help you develop an agile mindset. It makes collaborating with the other people simpler and focuses on learning new things from everyone.