Website Development Course in Jaipur

Do you have a keen interest in creating a new website but lack the web development skills? Join our Website Development Course in Jaipur which are designed to teach you complete web dev with the latest technologies in a limited duration of three months. If you are a fast learner you might complete the course early. 

You will learn – 

1.    Designing the layout of web pages 

2.    Building an entire site with Google maps, Youtube videos, integrating social media, etc.

3.    Registering the domain name 

4.    Selecting hosting and publishing site

5.    Optimizing sites for google crawlers and submitting site to search engine 

What is in the Website Development Course in Jaipur ?

You will become well-acquired WordPress which is a phenomenal software to create website and blogs. Under this Website Development Course in Jaipur, we offer free web hosting on enrollment. The students are encouraged to build different types of websites to learn to work on the front end as well as back end. The ease to handle the plugins, widgets, and themes has made WordPress a great content management system. 

Who should attend this course? 

The curriculum is intended to transform you into a Word press web developer. Graduates, online business owners and entrepreneurs should take this course to increase their software building skills. If you want to run your own site without anyone’s assistance, you must consider Clarus‘s Website Development Course in Jaipur.

It is designed for computer literates who have no to a very little knowledge of programming. 

What do you require? 

For a person to successfully complete our certification courses s/he must be keen on gaining technical knowledge. Analytical thinking, problem-solving and ability to adapt to the change in IT trends are some basic competencies you must possess to learn web development.

Why should you choose this course? 

The one-to-one classroom sessions are still the most effective mode of teaching. In Website Development Course in Jaipur the industry experts guide you at every step. We provide you – 

1.    Lifetime access to the course material. 

2.    Hiring in the entry-level job.

3.    The opportunity to work with real clients before landing a job.

4.    No hidden fee or charges.

5.    Assessment through regular tests. 

6.    Free Web Hosting.

7.    Comfortable classrooms with small batch size.

The class is conducted from Monday to Saturday for the duration of 1.5 hours without any interruption. To enroll or know the course structures please fill our contact us form. You can also reach us via a call or email. 

Career path/job opportunities 

After you pass the exam we hire the top students at Clarustech, our own IT Company. The top website development firms in Jaipur collaborate with us to interview the other students. If you pass the interview you will land a job offering you great pay. Thus once your training is completed with us you will soon secure a permanent job.

About the tutor 

Our tutors are professional developers who worked in the industry for more than 5+ years. They are full stack developers with a long experience in agile methodologies. They introduce the students to the entire process of web development which includes –

1.    Planning a site. 

2.    Testing.

3.    Developing the site. 

4.    Updating the site with new content. 

5.    Troubleshooting software bugs and errors.

6.    Maintaining Security. 

Please note: All our courses are available at only the physical location at the moment. We haven’t started online training sessions yet.