WordPress Website Management Courses 

Owning a website isn’t enough in today’s time. You need to update, modernize and renew your site on regular basis to make it efficient. Taking a Website Management Course is the best way to be aware of the changes you need to make for the website to function. A number of people create a website on WordPress with an aim to capture the attention of the targeted audience and turn them into customers. 

To be the best seller or service provider you have to check your site and maintain it every minute. We provide you with the skill to take the entire control of your site with our WordPress Website Management Course.  

What is in the Website Management Course ?

You will be able to –

a.    Add new pages in menus

b.    Change the content (on the blog, sidebar, footer content, etc.).

c.    Set up a backup.

d.    Monitor the website’s traffic. 

e.    Protect site from a data breach.

f.    Identify and troubleshoot the problems. 

g.    Select and install a WordPress plugin

After the completion of this course, you will have a deep understanding of the different features, plug-in and themes. 

Who should attend this course ?

If you are a computer literate trying to expand your expertise in WordPress Website Management Course is the right course for you. Our course is suitable for entrepreneurs, mini and starts business owners, SEO professionals and content managers. Any person who is responsible for maintaining and updating a site but has no prior knowledge of WordPress should enroll in this course. 

What do you require? 

Though this is a beginner’s level Website Management Course, you need to have a logical thinking and keen interest in improvising websites. If you are a techie or keep up with the latest development in the website technologies this course is tailored-made for you. 

Why should you choose this Website Management Course ? 

Is the content and images on your blog misplaced? Is your chat button not working? Or are the links are broken? In all these cases your WordPress site is losing a lot of business. Just creating a website and getting it published isn’t sufficient to generate a lead or accomplish your business goal. Whether you own a personal or professional site you must have the technical skills to groom it.  

You will be able to – 

1.    Change the content on pages and post. 

2.    Add Images, videos, links, tags, categories, etc.  

3.    Use your content for marketing.

4.    Check the site for vulnerabilities. 

5.    Set up a proper backup and maintenance system.  

6.    Install a security Plugin. 

7.    Block spammer on your website.

8.    Keep your admin safe by maintaining your account. 

9.    Improve your site speed. 

10.     Identify issues in updating your site.

Career path/job opportunities 

You will no longer have to hire a developer to make changes on your site after the completion of Website Management Course. Managing your business online is easy and cost-effective with us. You get the opportunity to become an online marketer, entrepreneur or work in a web management and maintenance service. 

About the tutor

Website Management Course is the core skill of our tutors who strive every minute to make sites more responsive. They have worked as web managers in the industry for 5+ years.  After successfully working on 100+ projects they are now helping people to understand website in a much better way. 

Our experts help you learn – 

1.    Technical functionality of WordPress Sites 

2.    Streamlining navigation

3.    Layout and themes