Know About Instagram : Myth & truth

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Instagram Myth & Truth

Instagram is the most popular social media platform in now a days. It is very popular and being used among the youngster. But it is also seen that there are so much myth about the Instagram. You can’t take the benefit without knowing about it. Know about the Myth & Truth about Instagram. 

Shadowban in Instagram

Myth : It is saying by users that Instagram ban their contents without any warning because it doesn’t like. So they can’t interact with the another users because their contents doesn’t appear in hash tag search result.

Truth : Instagram has been clarified that shadow banning is nothing in reality. Instagram doesn’t ban for more hash tags use. Contents from their accounts present less on search result because their marketing is very poor. People uses wrong hash tags. 

Hash Tag ownership

Myth : Instagram hashtags are private for every user, another person can’t use them. If any one use your hash tags then legal action can be taken this is the biggest myth about Instagram. 

Truth : Everything that published on Instagram, It become property of that website. Any one can use specials hash tags even after getting trademark also.

Likes & Followers Purchase on Instagram

Myth : Purchasing of likes & followers to become popular influencer on Instagram. Search Algorithm consider your paid likes and followers. You can get more presence and authentic followers in your account. 

Truth : Instagram ban those account who use third party apps to increase likes & followers. Instagram only promote those accounts who have authentic or genuine likes & followers.